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An Unwanted Distraction- Demonicpixy's battle


demonicpixy 's battle

An unwanted distraction



It had been a hard day, the two youngest children were poorly and so she'd spent most of it making drinks and giving cuddles.   Finally they'd both gone to sleep and she'd made the most of her spare time. Jumping online she hoped to put her lazy muses to work, instead disappointment flooded through her as she realised after 30 mins of effort that most of the damn muses were either in the pub getting pissed yet again or sat in their comfy chairs reading books.   As she climbed into bed that night, she watched her husband sleep peacefully at her side.  Yawning she realised just how tired she was and as she checked the time she knew she must get to sleep now if she didn't want to be tired the next day.   Suddenly she felt a gentle hand stroke her arm, turning she looked into the gorgeous blue eyes of one Draco Malfoy.  Under normal circumstances she probably would have welcomed this but not tonight.  


"Oh for god's sake, why now?  Where the hell were you earlier when I had time for this?"

"Now, now, sweetheart." Draco murmured as calmingly as he could. "I'm here now and that's what matters."

"Oh yes that's convenient for you isn't it, typical man just shows up when he pleases, no consideration for anyone else." She flashed angrily at him.


"Yeah typical man, how bloody thoughtless can you be Draco ?" Another female voice chided.

Turning she caught sight of Hermione Granger perched lazily on the end of her bed.

Kicking at her with her feet, she muttered.

"Like you're any better!"

"I resent that you know, I happen to be very busy myself these days, what with exams and stuff." Hermione pouted.

"Oh yeah and that's as taxing as looking after 4 kids, two of which are sick and then finding that no one bothers to show up when you finally do get a bit of time to yourself, yeah cause I'd rather be sat about all day reading books! "She snarled throwing the covers off herself.

"You know sarcasm doesn't become you," Draco piped up.


Sighing she got up and pulled her dressing gown round her, with a last look at the two on the bed she slowly walked downstairs, just as she reached out to turn on the kitchen light a soft voice in the darkness whispered.


"I was there, I'm always there waiting for you.  I understand you don't get a lot of time to yourself."   Turning she found herself staring into the soft green pools of Harry's eyes.   She smiled softly at him as he gently touched her shoulder.

"I know Harry, I appreciate that you make the effort."

"Oh god saint potter strikes again" Draco 's voice drifted down the stairs.

"Shut up Malfoy, at least I was there."

"I'm normally there, I just got held up today that's all." 

"Liar you were just too lazy to get off your butt and help out" Ginny's voice came from the kitchen.

"Well at least I'm not sulking because she made me evil!"

"No, you're the golden boy so you get to play the nice parts."

"Now, now Ginny let's play nice." Hermione said gently as she came down the stairs to join them.

"Oh yeah, it's ok for you isn't. You end up with the boy of my dreams and who do I get?  ….Goyle that's who," Ginny glared at Hermione.

"Oh and what was I?" Draco asked trying to sound hurt,"Chopped liver?"

"Oh stop it all of you, if you wake those kids up I'll…I'll..."

"You'll what?  Stop writing about us?  You know that would never happen, you know we're in your head the whole time, you know you can't resist me when I turn on the charm."   Draco's voice was seductive as he spoke and deep down she knew he was right, she'd never abandon them, she couldn't.   Sighing again she filled the kettle and turned it on.  Pulling out a cup for her coffee she looked at the 4…no make that 6 of them standing in the doorway.   The twins had just appeared and were smiling mischievously at her. 

"At least you lot were included," George sighed.

"Yeah, we've been waiting on the sidelines for ages and not so much as a word in our direction," Fred continued.

She hated it when they did this to her but she could never resist.

Coffee made, she sat on the sofa in the dimly lit lounge, her pen and notebook on her lap.  She looked over at the 6 teenagers that watched her intently and said

"Lets make this quick I have to be up in 7 hours"


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