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Ficlet: Forced by jess_lovecat04

 jess_lovecat04 's battle


“Oh, I know! Write one about me and Fleur!”

Hermione smacked Draco’s arm.

“Write another one about our seventh year – it makes me feel young again,” the brunette witch said dreamily.

“Personally, I like the longer ones… You’ve been writing too many shagfics lately, Jess…” said Blaise from the dark corner he was lurking in.

Jess fumed. She was practically hunched over her laptop while the three figments of her imagination made unhelpful commentary.

“You know, these shackles are quite unnecessary,” Jess said, trying to find a comfortable way to type with the bulky iron cuffs on her wrists.

“Don’t be ridiculous. If we let you out of them, you’ll do something silly like pay bills or make dinner or something,” Draco quipped.

“Draco, perhaps we ought to let her free for a bit – she’s been writing about us for almost three years…” said Hermione.

“Need I remind you how many stories she hasn’t finished yet..?” Draco sneered.

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about, Draco – she hasn’t written me in any recent ones…”

“That’s because of the new book coming out - she’s not sure she wants to write about a character that could turn out complete wrong.”

“Oh, like you’re easy to turn into a suddenly-not-prejudiced wizard from the tiny bullying scenes you’ve got…” Blaise snapped.

“You really should at least finish the requested stories, Jess…” said Hermione reprovingly while Draco glared daggers at Blaise’s shadowy corner.

Jess growled and continued surfing her Livejournal, hoping for a bit of unbiased inspiration.

“What about continuing that untitled one – I really like that one!” Hermione added, trying to be helpful.

“You just like that one because I’m so sexy in it,” said Draco.

Jess could practically hear Hermione rolling her eyes.

“You will all be in real trouble once I get my hands on the new book… Never know what I might write… And with the theories I’ve heard, I might have some
serious angst in my head…”

Jess’ snarky announcement successfully brought her the bliss of silence.

For five whole minutes.

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